Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: ClocX consumes a lot of CPU time. How can I lower its CPU usage?
    A: You can significantly decrease ClocX CPU usage by adjusting following options: General: "Antialiasing"(try to switch to Method 2 or to Disabled), Appearence: disable options "Draw second hand" and "Zoom". Also disabling options "Show AM/PM" and "Show date" may help. Remove old alarms. Select smaller background/preset. Use preset with only standard clock hands (made by simple line, not by PNG image, you can check it in INI file).
  • Q: I enabled "Click through" feature and now I can't open Options to disable it.
    A: Find ClocX icon on system tray (small icons on right side of your Windows taskbar), right click on it and choose "Options".
  • Q: How can I change color, position and length of clock hands or AM/PM text?
    A: Browse to ClocX directory on your disk (usually in C:\Program Files\ClocX\Presets), find INI file belonging to your favourite clock background image and edit it.
  • Q: Why movement of second hand/arrow is not smooth when antivirus is scanning my computer or other CPU-intensive application is running?
    A: ClocX uses lower process priority by default in order to not interfere with real-time CPU demanding applications like 3D games. If you want ClocX to run smoothly in such cases, increase priority value in ClocX's Options dialog.