ClocX Download

Latest version:

ClocX 1.5 beta 2 Standard (941 KB) mirror1  mirror2
ClocX 1.5 beta 2 Full (9400 KB) mirror1 mirror2 - contains Standard version + addtitional clock images
ClocX 1.5 beta 2 Standard x64 Edition (1106 KB) mirror1  mirror2 - for Windows XP x64 and Vista 64-bit

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Additional background images:

(Optional, included in full instalation)

PNG packs - zipped packs of PNG clocks (recommended for Win2000/XP/Vista) (1410 KB, updated 05/16/2004) - A-E clocks (alphabetically) (1368 KB, updated 05/16/2004) - F-Z clocks (2203 KB, updated 05/16/2004) - large clocks

BMP packs - zipped pack of bitmap backgrounds (recommended especially for Win9x/ME/NT) KB, updated 05/16/2004)

Note: Unzip content of ZIP files to your ClocX\Presets directory.
If you create your own ClocX background or INI file for already created image, send me it please.

Previous versions:

ClocX 1.4
ClocX 1.5a2
ClocX 1.4b2
ClocX 1.4a2
ClocX 1.4a1
ClocX 1.3a4
ClocX 1.3a2
ClocX 1.2a6